I'm using the GSC API to query data for my site at a Query & page level.

This means I'm getting impression, clicks, position & ctr for each user query that leads to a url on my site.

However, stuff is really not adding up.

One thought I had was If I want to get the total impressions for my site using the GSC data, I can't simply add this data up. Because (actual anonymized data):

enter image description here

Suppose, in 1 particular instance - ie. one person entering Query 1, there is URL 1 on position 1 & Url 2 on position 7. Suppose this hypothetical person clicks on url 2. GSC will record this interaction as:

enter image description here

Thus, effectively double-counting this single user's impression.

Is this an accurate understanding of how GSC handles cases where multiple urls from the same site show up in the SERP?

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Google defines things here:


So you can't really add up rows to get a true total if you are grouping by page.

To add to that, Google does not report all queries. So adding up the rows will typically be a lot less than doing a request for the totals:


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