Searching 'Dragon Notes' in Google predominantly yields (1) rather than (2) - even for images; (2)'s almost non-existent. Differences:

  • (2) is more up-to-date, has a better sitemap and source code
  • (2) was submitted as an exact copy of (1) - and only improved from thereon
  • (2) takes a lot longer than (1) did to 'Validate' new pages
  • (2)'s average (search) 'Position' is 74 (Google analytics) - (1)'s was significantly lesser
  • (1) is removed from 'Properties' in Google Search Console, leaving only (2)
  • (1), however, isn't deleted from its hosting provider (or simply 'deleted')

I no longer update (1), and don't wish it in search results; I've only kept it out of concern that neither of my sites will show on search, rather than the less-desired one (is this true?).

Any remedy? Help's appreciated.

(1): https://dragonnoteshq.com
(2): https://dragonnotes.org


To pass the link juice, did you do a 301 Permanent Redirect from you (1) to (2)?

If YES, then wait for more time to let google recognize the new site.

IF NO, then do the above suggested step.


Yours site 1 is killing/cannibalising the site 2. Since the older version has more authority over the second one, 1 will beat 2 in rankings for a long time.
Map all your older URLs to new ones and implement a 301 redirect at a page level.

  • a) List all your Site 1 URLs in a single column in excel
  • b) List all your Site 2 URLs in a single column next to in excel
  • c) Map all those URLs to each other
  • d) Using this mapping sheet, create 301 redirects for URL to URL and implement this to site 1.

Result: In time, site 1 will disappear from SERPs and site 2 will start showing up..

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