When using Google Search console do I need to add the 4 separate properties for my site with the new Google Search console?

In online video tutorials it shows people adding the different http:// and https:// as well as the www and non-www versions etc., but this is being done with the old Search Console.

I've recently re-done my website which has different page names etc now and want to submit a new sitemap, but I don't understand whether or not I should add all 4 properties with the sitemaps, or if I should just add 1 property / and 1 sitemap.

Any help / advice would be wonderful.



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    As far as sitemaps go, only your canonical URLs should go in your sitemap. Submit your sitemap once with your preferred URLs. Keep in mind that sitemaps are completely optional for most sites. Google can crawl most sites fine and discover content without them. It doesn't usually help SEO at all to have a sitemap. See The Sitemap Paradox – Stephen Ostermiller Feb 9 at 1:59