I'm not sure if this place is correct to ask this, but but we have a problem. A website is ranking 2 places above one we work on, but we don't know why as their gtmetrix score is so bad, and the one we work on is brilliant.

Their page score is 67, and badly optimised, plus 6.73mb. The one we work on is 95%+, top optimised, and under 2mb.

Their page has little Schema code locally. This one has everything needed.

IS it a case of that it takes a long time for the new code to be seen by Google, or something else?

We wondered if the core keywords need to be spread across the website. Example: You are a Cambridge Window Cleaner. Should those three words be ONLY on the homepage, or within the website too, such as pages about the products used, so adding "as a window cleaner in Cambridge"... is that good?

Is it sensible to use those keywords in a blog too? We are trying to see why it's below, badly written websites.

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  • You will probably need a full-site review to figure out why you aren't ranking as well as you want to, which we don't provide on Stack Exchange. Personally I think you are overthinking the keyword issue - I think there is probably something different that's holding your site back, like maybe lack of backlinks or age. Here are some tips: webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/2/… – Maximillian Laumeister Feb 8 at 22:31
  • That tool that is ranking that site's and your site's SEO is arbitrary and has no real value. So who are they or you to say that other site's SEO is worse than yours? Maybe their content is just better than yours? – John Conde Feb 8 at 22:43

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