I just inherited management of three websites for a new client. The previous agency did not add her as an admin to any of her sites in Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or Google Tag Manager. I am in the process of fixing this.

I am an admin on her GA and GTM accounts, and a owner of her web properties in GSC (via delegation).

She is now an admin in GA and GTM. I was able to successfully add her to GSC as an owner to one of her properties by delegation, but on the other two I get an error message:

We weren't able to add my.client@gmail.com. Please try again later.

What can cause ownership by delegation to fail, especially when it works on another property? As a stop-gap, I can see if I can get her to verify ownership herself with one of the other methods, but I would really prefer the delegation method.

  • The "Please try again later" portion of the message makes me think that the problem is caused by Google's bug. I'd just wait a few days and try again. – Stephen Ostermiller Feb 8 at 21:21
  • Apparently, on the two sites I was having problems on, I was listed as a Verified Owner by Delegation, but the logs showed that Reverification Failed. I verified via another method, and was then able to add my client. Not sure if this is a real answer or just a fluke. – mpdonadio Feb 12 at 18:53

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