My website has fallen off Google's map. I have used the Google Webmasters tools to submit my sitemap and test with the fetch as Google tools. But I get the following messages on any page I submit from my website using Google fetch such as my home page http://www.incidentaltreasures.com/ or sitemap page http://www.incidentaltreasures.com/sitemap or any of the department pages, etc.

The error I receive when using the Google fetch feature or sitemap submit is

General HTTP error: HTTP 403 error (Forbidden) HTTP Error: 403

I used the online URL test tool below to check my headers and am getting HTTP/1.1 200 OK on the sitemap page and the home page for my website.


I do not have a robot.txt file for my site, just the sitemap.xml file.

Don't know what to do to fix this.

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  • Please provide any pertinent code so that we can help you identify where the error(s) may be. – elbrant Feb 8 at 5:19
  • @Reginald As it is, there's just not enough information here to be able to answer this specifically. A 403 status code means that the resource(s) is not accessible. It could be that the Googlebot is being blocked, or the resource(s) are password protected. Try using Fetch As Google on the URL, and for each URL contained within your page's source code. You should check to see if there's a dissalow directive in your robots.txt file blocking crawling, or .htaccess code that might be causing this. – dan Feb 8 at 5:50

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