I'm trying to deploy Wordpress on a red hat Linux server (dedicated server).

I'm trying to access it using the normal URL structure [IP]/[rootfoldername]/[nameofthefile] but it's not working.

Note that Phpmyadmin is working file on the server.

Below you will find the default page of the server and the FTP view:

Red Hat Default page

FTP view
(source: mailchimp.com)

Should I change the structure of the FTP?

Note that the GTA folder is the one that contains the WordPress files so I need to access it to be able to run the install wizard.

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Web servers don't make every file on a computer available. That would be a huge security problem. Rather, by default they make a single directory available. As the message says, that directory is /var/www/html. You have two options:

  1. Move your content to /var/www/html instead of having it in /home/myuser/GTA
  2. Reconfigure the web server to serve a different directory. To do that you would change the DocumentRoot setting in your Apache configuration files. On Redhat, that file is located at /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

Once you have a domain for your site I would recommend using virtual hosts. That allows you to the the document root separately for each site that you are hosting. The default document root can still point to /var/www/html but you could add a virtual host for example.com that points its document root to /home/myuser/GTA.

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