I am trying to get a clear idea of the difference between a Webmaster and someone who works in the capacity of SEO/SEM.

On the surface, I would say that a Webmaster would be responsible for ensuring a website is meeting design and development requirements as well as other aspects such as maintaining Backups and ensuring a website is in line with the latest coding standards.

As for SEO, they would be responsible for optimising a website's SERP's appearance as well as overseeing various on-page and off-page SEO/SEM variables.

The above said, I am still uncertain on certain responsibilities.

For example, who would be responsible for ensuring any relevant Structured Data is implemented onto a website? On one hand, I would this would be the role of the Webmaster; since they would typically have access to the website's coding.

On the other hand, I feel this would be the role of the SEO, since Structured Data helps to improve SEO appearance etc. That being said, the SEO would not typically work with the coding of the website. Therefore, the SEO may highlight the need but would still require the Webmaster to implement the Structured Data etc.

I would welcome any directives here that would help provide clarity on who should take responsibility, in the implementation of Structured Data.


If you have "developer/coder/programmer/webmaster" then you can suggest them what kind of structure data is required for the website/page/product, it's not a job of SEO/SEM to implement the same structured data.

Any kind of code related changes must have to be done by some of the code expert while the SEO / SEM job is to cross check and verify the Structured Data Testing Tools by Google or some other methods depends up on SEO/SEM person.

While in this day some of the smaller organizations are asking SEO/SEM/Content Writer to implement the same for the complete website which might not be possible for them to implement Structured data as it's part of development and some of the structured data required dynamic field value.

For example: If you have to implement site wide Structured data or complicated Structured data then you need developers, but if you have to implement simple HTML code into the single page like Local Business Schema and have technical knowledge then the SEO/SEM person can also do that easily using any Schema Markup Generator tool based on requirement.

Short Answer: It's the job of developer/coder/programmer/webmaster to make website changes as per the suggestion from the SEO/SEM. So they should take responsibility, in the implementation of Structured Data.

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