We have recently rolled out an infinite scroll feature in the site that could be generating this issue but we are not sure why/what is causing this. Every page visit and event is reported correctly, but in some cases the page view is prefixed with /, (e.g. /https://www...). It is only happening in Organic traffic from Google. Any ideas would be more than welcome. We included a canonical link in those pages that contains infinite scroll. As a check we did run a crawler and there are no links in the site like those so not sure how to find the error source.

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    How does infinite scroll interact with pageviews? In particular, are you sending additional pageviews to track scrolling down? – Reve Feb 4 at 15:07
  • Thanks. Found the issue! A pageView event was fired using absolute url instead of relative url. Changing it seems to have fixed the issue. – Adrian Hernandez-Lopez Feb 4 at 15:34
  • Great! I thought (hoped) it was something like that. :-) – Reve Feb 4 at 21:29

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