How does google index website names? I'd like my website to appear in Google search like this:

Yet when we search by the full name without any spaces, Google is completely clueless. Only when we add a space where the domain name is hyphenated is the site in the results and even those are at the bottom.

Could this be due to the domain name which has a hyphen Or is this the same problem as described here Wrong site name when searching, a popularity thing?

Keep in mind the website isn't designed yet and its in bad condition but I would like to sort out this SEO issues first. H1 headings are in order so are the main pages in regards to meta information. I also connected the google console with the website and provided sitemap. What else is there to do?

While similar question has been asked here Google indexed my website name with a space, it doesn't apply to my case because I don't have two distinct words that should be grouped together. My website should be searchable by the whole acronym or broken acronym with a space. The acronym itself doesn't mean anything and shouldn't be listen in any dictionary!

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