If a job can be performed remotely across a region, such as EMEA or Asia, should each country be written out or is it enough to just specify the region, such as EMEA?


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The guide for JobPosting Google directly reports this to the following:

jobLocation - Place

The physical location(s) of the business where the employee will report to work (such as an office or worksite), not the location where the job was posted.

Multiple physical locations

If the job has multiple locations, add multiple jobLocation properties in an array. Google will choose the best location to display based on the job seeker's query.

Thus, you need to create structured data for each workplace in each country where the vacancy is available. To specify a place of job, use the type PostalAddress as a locality embedded in the property jobLocation. For example:

"jobLocation": {
  "@type": "Place",
  "address": {
    "@type": "PostalAddress",

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