My website shows up on google with two different ways.For example say this is my site megaexample.com

When I search example in google my shows up with this snippet "good snippet text" from my meta:description but when I search megaexample my site shows up with this snippet "bad snippet text" which google took from my cookies not from my meta:description.

Now I have already changed my cookies but this result is still there after a month.

What do I have to do to have the meta:description show up for both results? edit:added images of google snippet, its in greek. Anyone know why this is happening and how to fix it? enter image description here


See how I solved exactly the same problem in 15 days :) I had an url index by google twice and with different descriptions. so I removed slahs at the end of the url and let google index my url again. after google index my url I got an error in search console panel. url not reachable. than I add slahs at the end of my url again and let google know url problem is solved please check again.

all done after 3 days :)

and check this article :


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