My wordpress website's URL that I added to my YouTube channel's 'About' page often redirects to some random spammy website.

Would this be happening only for me or do my channel visitors also face this, am not really sure as it doesn't happen all the time we click on my site link.

This happens once, and when I again click on my site URL, it takes to my website correctly.

Repeated tests show that the spammy website URL keeps changing most of the time.

Is this due to some malware/adware in my WordPress? To that thought, I already searched my databases for variations of that spam URL but didn't find any.

Why does this happen?

My Youtube About page: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYupwP5yK6CSyiXT3KRs8Tw/about

Here's the spammy site: (just for reference, please don't visit) http://prize0972.cccgates35.life/?utm_campaign=oxxGrJ1EO8rl_lkgHhDHtdaJe-6y3ml38Z-1ZX9QaLo1&t=main9_4599975a820c536e036d

screenshot of the spammy site: enter image description here

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