I have an ecommerce website where base category page (category listing page) is optimized for SEO and I want only base page to be indexed and visible in search results. At the bottom of these pages, there is some content written for the purpose of SEO.

Now these category pages contain multiple pages listing products. These pages are created using pagination guidelines laid by google here - https://webmasters.googleblog.com/2011/09/pagination-with-relnext-and-relprev.html . But there is no mention about SEO content used by ecommerce websites.

My question is, should all pages under pagination have same SEO content or no content at all.

For Example:

  1. Base Page (https://www.winni.in/cake/delhi)
  2. Second Page (https://www.winni.in/cake/delhi?page=2)

Both these pages contain same content, above the fold and below the fold, only products change. Is this a right approach? Or second or subsequent pages should not contain any content at all?

I have checked other websites and found mix approach. Some are removing all content from other pagination pages and some keep everything same like we are doing.

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