We just call this url almost 12 hour back using php google indexing api to index our url in Google Search ( Not in Google for Jobs ) and i got 200 response code


But almost 12 hour this page still not in google,

most important that my google api consol show 1 request. check following

Errors (%)
Latency, median (ms)
Latency, 95% (ms)
Indexing API    1   0   393 511 

we are using following php code to call to indexing api, and it was suggested by a google code site, can anyone check what is issue


$client = new Google_Client();

// service_account_file.json is the private key that you created for your service account.

// Get a Guzzle HTTP Client
$httpClient = $client->authorize();
$endpoint = 'https://indexing.googleapis.com/v3/urlNotifications:publish';

$content = "{
  \"url\": \"".$url."\",
  \"type\": \"URL_UPDATED\" 

$response = $httpClient->post($endpoint, [ 'body' => $content ]);

$status_code = $response->getStatusCode();
print_r($status_code).' : ';

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