Google Search Console (GSC) can provide up to 16 months of search performance data, and this can be reported in Google Analytics (GA) when GSC and GA are associated (GA > Acquisition > Search console > Landing Pages/Countries/Devices/Queries).

Advice I've read suggests that, upon migrating to HTTPS, four properties should be created in GSC:

  • http:// example.com
  • http:// www.example.com
  • https:// example.com
  • https:// www.example.com


When a site is migrated from HTTP to HTTPS, and the association in GA is updated (GA > Admin > Property Settings > Adjust Search Console), it appears that that 16 months is interupted and historical reporting no longer available.

I migrated a site to HTTPS 6 months ago. Having verified the four versions in search console I changed the association in GA to the appropriate HTTPS version. Now, in GA, my GSC report only reports back to that point in time.

I can only see a way to 'Adjust Search Console' in GA to point to one GSC property. But is there a way to retain a seamless 16 months report when migrating HTTP to HTTPS?

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