I've put together a music based website that features discussion boards for every artist and album. I'm a little conflicted between two approaches I had in mind. The first option would involve creating a url with the name of the artist in the url with /boards name spaced:

# Artist Board
# Album Board

The other idea I had would to have the artist name serve as the base followed by /board since every artist/album only has one board.

# Artist Board
# Album Board

The second option would definitely open up the opportunity to prepend any section pertaining to the artist or album like:

# Artist
# Album

But the first option you could say makes it explicit in the sense that these all derive from boards. Which of the two would benefit me, SEO-wise?

  • IMO, I think you may be overthinking your SEO. SEO is about good content. I'd organize it the way it makes it easiest to manage. Your content, whether good or bad will ultimately determine whether you rank in the SERPs. – Trebor Jan 22 at 16:31

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