One of the top level domain (TLD) that I came across ".forsale" caught my attention. If we are to buy "accessories" domain, and apply different subdomains like mobile, laptop would that have any SEO impact? For example:

  • laptop.accessories.forsale
  • mobile.accessories.forsale

The whole URL looks to be hugely keyword rich, for example "laptop accessories for sale" and semantically correct and correlated.


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I think brand matters even if you're creating that kind of website. What percentage of people are going to buy from that kind of domain? I don't think it will be many.

It's not easy to remember that full domain name. That will cause return visit traffic to be much less than if you had a strongly branded site.

See from Search Engine Journal: How to Choose a Domain Name That Will Stand the Test of Time


If we are to buy "accessories" domain, and apply different subdomains like mobile, laptop would that have any SEO impact?

Google has not provided a hard line answer to that question, though they do have a couple old videos covering that topic:

How important is it to have keywords in a domain name?

Is Google putting more weight on brands in rankings?

In my experience working with such websites, having broad keywords within the domain name will not give you a leg-up in ranking for those terms.


Exact match domains still get a little bit of SEO value if you are using a .com domain name. Using any other top level domain extension would make no sense at all right now.

Like if you have laptopdeals.com that would be a great domain name instead of laptopdeals.offers or laptopdeals.forsale.

  • I'm not sure that exact match domains provide any SEO benefit even for a .com these days. Commented Feb 4, 2019 at 19:29
  • It's hard to identify a noticeable difference if the content profile and the links profile is not good. I'm currently operating 2 emd website and they are doing good with only less than 50 links for the home page. One of them is 9 months old and another one is 3 years.
    – P082
    Commented Feb 11, 2019 at 7:03

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