I have a few WordPress sites that I manage and I've coded the 404 and 403 to email a dedicated account with hits to these pages. On a local machine daily the emails are compiled to a CSV and I review. I've noticed several hits from a referrer named site.ru and the hits can range from 10-100 in a minute. I'm sure they're looking for vulnerabilities or trying to DDoS the site.


I know how to code the .htaccess for a referrer redirect but on a WordPress site using the free version of Cloudflare is there a way to pickup a bad referrer and redirect them to a custom page or another site before they reach the actual site or is .htaccess the best option?

  • Are these visits causing a performance issue with your site? It often makes the most sense to just make sure your server is secure and then continue serving 4XX errors. Criminals are always going to be scanning your website, often disguised as browsers. Trying to stop the scanning is a game of cat and mouse. – Maximillian Laumeister Jan 16 at 23:47

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