I have a domain like sub.example.com. I'd like to allow GET access to certain paths uploads only through example.com

Something like this:

  location ~ ^/uploads {
         allow example.com;
         deny  all;
        root /www/uploads;

But nginx gives error for domain after allow. It only accepts IP address and I don't want to hardcode IP. There should be a better way?

How can I achieve this in nginx configs?

listen 80;
listen 443;

#put your certs here if you have, if not, just listen to port 80.

server_name example.com; #only requests coming from this host will enter this server bracket 

 location ~ ^/uploads {
     root /www/uploads;

Set a server block to listen to a certain domain, and accept /uploads and deny them in the other server blocks(same location block but returning a 401 or 403).

If you want to treat different domains differently, it's good in nginx to separate the server blocks.

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  • Well I already have server_name sub.example.com; configured on this server. – supermario Jan 15 '19 at 13:43
  • So set another one for example.com. In the sub.example.com you return 403; in uploads, and in example.com block you root /www/uploads. Everything else the same. Like this both domain and subdomain will do the same, except when they ask for /uploads (one will return error, the other will return upload). If you edit your post with an aproximate configuration of your sub.domain.com server block, I can aproximate my answer as much as I can on what you want. – flaixman Jan 15 '19 at 13:51

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