The setup is pretty straightforward:

  • WordPress Multisite Network
  • 100+ sub-blogs already running on the network
  • New sub-blogs being created, even more expected on a daily basis

I have yet to figure out the best way to automatically import the email address of all the admins of the sub-blogs into MailChimp. As I was outlining above, the network is composed of more than 100 sub-blogs, and while I could technically just export their admins' emails into a CSV file, in order to import them into MailChimp, I don't like this half-baked approach. Especially considering that I would need to be aware and manually handle the admin's email of each and every newly-created sub-blog on the network.

I don't have much experience with MailChimp, but there's someone else who's in charge of building and handling the email marketing campaigns. I only need to provide them with a bulletproof solution to the problem above.

  • If you can export a CSV file, that sounds like it should be something that you should be able to automate. Jan 14, 2019 at 11:53

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Do the first export through CSV. Then, whenever someone signs up for a new blog post, just call the MailChimp API from your code to subscribe them:

To add someone to your list, send a POST request to the List Members endpoint: /3.0/lists/9e67587f52/members/. The request body should be a JSON object that has the member information you want to add, with status and any other required list fields.

    "email_address": "[email protected]",
    "status": "subscribed",
    "merge_fields": {
        "FNAME": "Urist",
        "LNAME": "McVankab"

MailChimp API Documentation

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