My website has been online for 10 days. (content complete) I've allowed Google boots. I also sent a sitemap to the search console. (I use yoast seo by the way) In this 10 days pages were added to google directory. The site is definitely indexing. When a full site search is made, the pages are listed.

But the name of the site doesn't come out when it's written.

For example: www.example.com

When you type "example" my website does not appear.

In other words, You write "Stackexchange" but no results. The results appear when you type Stackexchange.com

I'm really curious about why. What could be the reason?

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  • Hello. I examined the subject. Unfortunately, they're not the same. My website is indexing. However, when the name of the site is written, the result does not appear.The situation is a little different here. – A. Muller Jan 14 at 1:35
  • This question is really too broad as it is. You'll need to build some brand recognition for the name of your site, and the content will need to be relevant. That will take longer than 10 days...perhaps months. The linked questions may provide some ideas. – dan Jan 14 at 1:36
  • Thank you for your response. The name of my website and the contents are fully compatible.(The domain name also frequently passes on content.) In general, google started indexing, most pages were indexed. However, the result does not appear when the name is written. Think you have a brand name, there is no result for this name. (But the url results.) In fact, the question may be incomplete. For example, my website is very fast. Almost loading instantly. Mobile compatibility 100% and Content is original. I think I've completed these details. – A. Muller Jan 14 at 1:44
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    Again thank you. Yes, this question is very close. webmasters.stackexchange.com/questions/101587/… – A. Muller Jan 14 at 1:47