My site uses two different types of scripts 1. Wordpress which is in the root domain (eg, xyz.com) 2. phpbb which is in the sub-domain (eg. forums.xyz.com)

I don't use the blog anymore so I was thinking maybe I could move up the forum to the root domain.

Now I have checked my site's files the root domain has .htaccess file (which is a text file) and also checked /forums which also has a .htaccess file (this is in php format). Now, what should I do in my case?

I am also thinking about getting a free Letsencrypt SSL. So, I have to redirect from http to https too after moving the forum to the root domain.

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  • I don't use the blog anymore <- Do you mean there was a blog hosted on your root domain and now you only want to have the forum hosted there (i.e., when visitors go to xyz.com they would only see your forum)? How do users get to the forums now, is there only one link, or are there multiple links in the search engines (i.e., do you want to redirect everything to your root domain, or all old URLs to new URLs).? The last part is really best asked as a separate question. Please edit the question to clarify the above and it will be added to the review queue for reopening. – dan Jan 10 at 5:24
  • I users go directly to forums.xyz.com And I don't use the blog anymore means that I only use it as a landing page for the forum (which is made of wordpress). And then in it there is a link if you want to join then click here type – Paul Jan 10 at 5:57
  • Please edit your question to clarify it, and remove the second question which is best asked separately and after you obtain your SSL. Otherwise see Catch all and redirect www to no-www (HTTPS) in: What are the most commonly used and basic Apache htaccess redirects? Replace www with forums using the .httaccess file in your subdomain's directory. – dan Jan 10 at 6:07

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