I'm building an ec2 image for a project we are doing and I want to know what is hte best practice for config files that will be required for the image. For instance files that have database credentials.

I originally going to put them on S3 and download them on startup, but is there any reason I can't just make them part of the AMI that I burn?


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  • Is there some metric that would make one of these places objectively better than the other? If not, this is just a matter of opinion. – Stephen Ostermiller Jan 10 at 9:35
  • @StephenOstermiller the reason I changed my mind from S3 option was when I was reading how to use the php sdk to access S3 and download the files, it said that you need to use credentials for your application to access S3 and they recommended not to save credential files in S3 even if it is encrypted. So i thought if they are saying that, then I better not put our config files on there either. From this question and the "put on hold" reason, it seems to me that there is nothing majorly wrong with putting the config files on the image. Thanks for your feedback. – Bucephalus Jan 10 at 11:58

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