I want to this structure in default post type.

  • Archive Page (Blog page) - example.com/blog/
  • pagination link - example.com/blog/page/2/
  • Taxonomy page - example.com/blog/taxonomy-slug/
  • pagination link - example.com/blog/taxonomy-slug/page/2/
  • Single page - example.com/blog/post-title/

Taxonomy creates usually duplicated content. So i would make taxonomy terms as parameters to easy deindex them. Like this:

  • pagination link - domain.com/blog/page/2/
  • taxonomy slug: pagination link - domain.com/blog/page/2/?taxonomy=term1
  • Single page - domain.com/blog/posttitle/?taxonomy=term1
  • Single page pagination - domain.com/blog/posttitle/page/2/?taxonomy=term1
  • yes this is working but there is no index and crawl this type URL in SEO standard. – Amit bhalani Jan 5 at 7:49
  • don't understand, what you mean – Evgeniy Jan 5 at 7:50
  • Yes, This type URL working but effects on SEO rule. – Amit bhalani Jan 5 at 7:51

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