Something strange is shown in Google SERP. My website have a desktop version and mobile version with a /m/ in URL that differ them. The problem or strange behavior i see is that:

When i search for Brand name: xxx (example)

  • Google Chrome: Incognito shows url: xxx.com/m/
  • Google Chrome: Non-incognito shows url: xxx.com

Why is that?

  • Any one know seen this kind of behavior before? – Ali Durrani Jan 3 at 8:44
  • Incognito follows the general mobile first paradigm - thats why it displays the mobile version,
  • Non-Incognito uses personalization, it knows, that you use a desktop browser and delivers desktop version
  • Where can i read about your first point? I cannot find anything saying that Incognito follows "Mobile First" Paradigm? Incognito does not know if it is a desktop or mobile? – Ali Durrani Jan 4 at 13:45

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