My question is about change of domain address tool. Old domain is example.cz, we resolve the move to the multilingual example.shoes domain

example.shoes is domain with language mutations from different countries. On the original domain there is a redirect (301) leading to example.shoes/cz

However, in Change of Address tool i can´t set example.shoes/cz as a new domain, only root example.shoes can be set.

But when i am trying set example.shoes, the tool reports an error because redirection on example.cz 301 does not lead to the root domain. (because we need redirecting people direct to czech mutation)

How to solve it?

  • establish own Search Console properties for each language folder – Evgeniy Jan 3 '19 at 9:27

If everything else fails, how about using the cz.example.shoes domain instead of example.shoes/cz? If you cannot use subdomains, at least you can set cz.example.shoes as a new domain and redirect example.cz to cz.example.shoes, then redirect cz.example.shoes to example.shoes/cz. I think Google will not mind about this short redirection chain.

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