Can the Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine be used as a content-distribution network (CDN)?

Aside from the moral problem of stealing bandwidth from an organization I love, would serving a unique file from the Wayback Machine serve the same purpose, and provide the same benefits, as serving that file from a CDN?

  • I'm using github pages for my most of content like javascript, css, images, zip files etc.....they provide 100GB soft bandwidth/month and 1GB storage/repository(you can have multiple repository)... That is I think enough for most of sites...Regarding web archive, no site clear such a thing in their policy page, so it's better to ask them directly. If they think your content will helpful for others community members, like some Ebooks or documentary, then they might approve, but still you should ask them as above link mention about imgur. – Goyllo Jan 13 '19 at 11:48

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