I am new to SEO and using WordPress. I got a do-follow back link from a website. The link's structure was /2018/03/03/abc/. After that I changed the permalink structure. So the link became /abc and now the previous URL redirects to the new one. But Google doesn't crawl the previous URL because of the 301 redirect. I am not able to contact that website to change the URL of the do follow link. Does this changed URL count as a back link or not? If not, how should I fix this?

  • Does your 301 redirect to the current content page? Or to the root page? Dec 28 '18 at 1:54
  • It redirects to the current content page.
    – Riya
    Jan 7 '19 at 7:09

If the old URL 301-redirects to the new URL, you have no more work to do. Click on the old link on their site to double check that it redirects to your new URL. The 301 redirect passes link juice from the old URL to the new URL, so your site will keep the SEO gained from the backlink.


it can take 6-months to a year for Google to fully recognize a site has moved.

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    A one line answer is not sufficient quality here. Please edit this to add more. This answer would be much better with the "why" you think this. Do you have personal experience you can share? Can you link to references that back up your statements? Dec 27 '18 at 17:37

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