I will explain what i mean by pseudo-spa. It's been almost 2 years since i'm throwing lots of hours trying to index an Angular SPA project called braapfinder dot com.

At some point months ago i realised the cpu time it takes to render each page was suposed to be killing the page rank google assigns to each page, so i decided to prerender the main pages in order to allow the google crawler read in a split second any of those pages in the first hit.

However, i left the home page to init the 'real' angular app (not a render) to allow users enjoy all the features of this project. I assume most of my traffic will go to the inner (prerendered) pages.

I was expecting this to boost my rank but it is not happening. I worked a lot in good html, micro formats, any seo technique i could, but nothing seems to be working.

There is still something there that is not working right. I have two main theories:

A) Something related to hreflangs pages (I have 11 languages), to be penalized as some kind of duplicated content?

B) Even if 'important' pages are prerendered, the fact that the home page is not, makes the crawler reach those pages through the Angular SPA wich makes any page view 'slow' due to the cpu load angular requires making prerenders useless?

If anyone with knowledge could check this project and tell me if there is something obviously wrong, or any kind of advice i would be very happy.

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