I'm thinking of placing AdSense on my site, but I'd hate to show AdSense to my paying customers.

Does AdSense policy allow this - showing AdSense only for some users - or do they require that they are shown to all users?


Yes can do that. Just like you do not have to show ads on every page.

Depending on how your site is implemented, the paying pages may have a different URL and therefore would be considered different pages.

Since I assume, the Googlebot is not a paying customer, they shouldn't even be able to see that!


Since you wish to put ads on your site, I hope you're talking about Adsense. (Adwords are ads that are put by advertisers alongside Google search results and on others website.)

I don't think Google will have any problem with Adsense showing up only for non-paying members. Just make sure you comply with their regular TOS and you should be ok.

  • Yes, I meant AdSense, I'll clarify – vnuk Apr 11 '11 at 9:43

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