I need a help with .com.au domain registration. I live in EU, so I’m not a citizen of Australia. In case to register this address, I need an Australian business number (ABN). I’m going to develop a simple website (without any kind of sales) and monetize it with Google Adsense. So, is it possible to get an ABN for a website like that and register .com.au address?


To get an ABN without having an Australian tax file number (TFN), you must provide:

proof of identity documents and a statement of your business activities in Australia.

ABN for businesses outside Australia - Australian Business Register

So if you are not living in Australia, not an Australian citizen and not running a business in Australia, you are out of luck in getting a .com.au domain.

  • Then maybe you know is there is a possibility of third party service for registration? – MykolasK Dec 4 '18 at 21:40
  • @MykolasK I don't know of any personally. There may or may not be a viable loophole. – Maximillian Laumeister Dec 4 '18 at 21:44
  • They are very strict on the .com.au registration. I'm from Australian and my sister had one for her shop, and it was still a pita for her to get it sorted out. – Bronwyn V Dec 9 '18 at 22:48

A foreign company can register a .com.au in Australia if it has eligibility. One way to obtain the right to apply for a .com.au is to obtain a trade mark. Once you file for the trade mark application you can apply for the domain name.

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