I run a static HTML website for my small business. It is designed in Artisteer 4 and basic HTML comes from it.

Should I remove meta name=description and meta name=keywords if I want to use structured data markups (precisely JSON-LD)?

Another question My designing software provides the option to use custom meta tags; will these be conflicting with JSON-LD?

There are some Open Graph Tags in pages!

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If you add structured data, do not remove any of your existing meta tags, just add the structured data in addition. Meta description for example is a very important tag, and its behavior cannot be replicated by structured data.

Custom meta tags will not conflict with JSON-LD, they can coexist. OpenGraph tags may overlap with JSON-LD in some cases (like title, description, date), but it is perfectly fine to have them in duplicate.


I would recommend leaving the meta description as this field is still important for search engines and some other web services that are crawling your site. Don't bother with the keywords as this is a vestigial artifact of an older internet and is largely ignored by most bots.

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