I have a list of items that I have to paginate.

In <head> I added rel="prev" and rel="next" links.

At the moment I have a built-in pagination component where the buttons to go to a certain page are not actual links (the page switch is done via JS).

Will crawlers still discover the other paged content via next and prev without the explicit links?

I'm asking, because if not I will have to find a new component for pagination that fits in my angular material app.

  • Google doesn't usually index pages 2+ of a paginated list no matter what you do. Every page is so similar to the first page that there really isn't a point. Pagination isn't good for SEO. Only 1% of users typically use pagination. I recommend removing pagination whenever possible and replacing it with search or multi-faceted navigation which users tend to like much better. – Stephen Ostermiller Nov 17 '18 at 12:13
  • Hi, I am a bit confused by your comment. I know that crawlers have a limited amount of time to index ur pages. If they don't follow pagination that much, then I shouldn't worry about it to begin with, since I also have a sitemap with links to all the items I paginated, should I? – Cec Nov 17 '18 at 13:33
  • Googlebot crawls pagination just fine. Once a page is crawled Google decides whether or not to index it. Google almost never comes to index multiple pages of pagination. – Stephen Ostermiller Nov 17 '18 at 15:16

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