I have a domain name registered at Godaddy. I also have a website that I created at Google Sites. I forward the URL to go to the Google Site. I did this using the Godaddy Domain Manager Forwarding option. The forwarding type is Permanent (301) and it is set to do forwarding only, not forwarding with masking (the latter doesn't work, although I would prefer that if possible).

The forwarding works well—when I type in the URL, it sends me to the Google Sites. The problem is that when I search for the URL in Google, it says:

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I would like the search to be updated with what information from the Google Sites. How can I do this?

I have tried going to Google Search Console/URL Inspection. It says that the URL is not on Google. I then tried "REQUEST INDEXING." It says that the indexing request is rejected and that "During live testing, indexing issues were detected with the URL". The Page Fetch portion says "Failed: Redirect error."


Godaddy redirects have been broken for years. Don't use them. See: GoDaddy's 301 redirect/forwarding has some weird random middleman URL, kills link juice?

In any case, you don't want forwarding at all. You don't want redirecting and you don't want masking. You want your domain name to be in the URL for your site. Follow the instructions here to set your domain name as your custom domain on your Google Site: Use a custom URL for your site - Sites Help

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