I have a network of ecommerce sites.. All of them sell the same thing but I made one specific for a city. like for NY cars-new-york-1.whatever and have the main one for USA: cars-usa-1.whatever

I want to put all selling cars in the USA site and links in the content of cars-new-york-1.whatever to cars-usa.whatever where the actual car specification is.

Will that affect my seo in cars-new-york-1.whatever? or Google understand that the other one is part of my network (it even have the same cms behind it)

Should I only add like a banner in the NY site to USA site and nothing more not to loose ranking?

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It seems like you are trying to do localization using usa.topleveldomain.com as your main site but with a more local ny-usa.topleveldomain.com, ultimiatly linking back to usa.topleveldomain.com.

If not tagged properly, Google could see this is a duplication of content and therefore downgrade both domains.

I suggest you look into Rel=Canonical tags. Some good documentation can be found here.

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