My business' Wordpress website has gone live in the last week, and I've been using Azure's App Service offering to run it. It's worked like a charm for the most part, but a couple of odd things have been plaguing its otherwise smooth operation, while making use of the Avena theme:

  1. wp_remote_post
  2. Theme updates


I'm not a PHP developer, but from what I understand this is simply a function exposed to plugins, themes, and the like to allow for HTTP POST functionality. While my theme's diagnostics report that this doesn't work on either a local copy run on a temporary web server (macOS) or on Azure (IIS), a function which relies on this feature works locally, and not on Azure.

enter image description here

To give more detail, "rows" as you'd see them in your typical modern marketing website may have banded rows such that sections stand out more than others. I also have the option to add a "shape" to the edges of these rows, so that an otherwise straight line becomes the outline of a forest.

This pulls an .svg file from the local filesystem, and appears to use the wp_remote_post function to do it. However, I get the following error which demonstrates that this fails.

wp_remote_post error message

I would love to include the code snippet of what fails, but I'm not sure if my theme provider includes the right to do that in their licence.

Theme updates

When I first downloaded the theme, it came with its own set of included plugins via .zip as they tend to. However, these would not install because Wordpress complained about the plugins being too old (or the theme being too old - can't remember now).

However, the relevant part of the issue is that attempting to update the plugins returned the error Update Failed: Download failed. A valid URL was not provided. In the end I needed to download the plugins myself through the Wordpress portal.

I didn't think much of that, but now that a theme update has been released, the update failed because of the same error.

Wordpress theme update error


Apologies for this long-winded question, but I feel that the two issues are related, and I can't get help from the theme provider because they don't have experience with, or support for Azure App Services. I also can't get support from Microsoft for Azure because I don't have a paid support plan.

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