I have bought a domian that is like service.city.example Where service is eg. "haircut".

Is it good to have this kind of domains as aliases to main domain company.example?

What would be best for SEO, serving the main domain content on this alias or redirect 301 from alias to main domain?


Alternate and alias domains have no effect on SEO. Owning service.city.example won't help your business rank for your "service city" on Google. See What should I do with a ton of alternate domains? Redirect or use landing pages?

Having a domain that matches your keywords used to be a great way to rank if you actually used that domain (as opposed to just using it as an alias). Such a domain is known as an "exact match domain" or EMD because the keywords in the domain exactly match the keywords you are targeting. In 2012 Google launched an EMD algorithm that made it such that using and EMD didn't help rankings. As far as I can tell, that update worked. It doesn't even help to use your keyword rich domain as your main domain anymore for SEO.

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