In our organization, we have a locally hosted website example.com which can't be access from outside of the organization.

Organization also have a proxy server, which we use to access the internet.

So, I am trying the example.com from home. I think it can be done if I run some server on my office PC have some domain like abc.com so when I access abc.com it fetches the example.com and sends it to the client on internet.

I have tried several things:

  • manually writen a server that fetches and sends the website
  • ngrok

But I am only able to access the webpage. It just takes the html files and sends it to the client. But I cant do things like submit form etc.


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Try an ngrok TCP tunnel. This will expose your service directly without any modification of the HTTP data by ngrok.

Just run:

ngrok tcp 80

...if your web server is running HTTP on port 80.

This tunnels the port at the transport layer rather than at the application layer, so you will get a raw forwarding of the data without ngrok modifying it or adding HTTPS or breaking your forms and whatnot.

I am giving this answer on the strict assumption that what you are doing is not against company policy, and that you are only doing it because it is too much trouble to get the help of IT for a real exception in the proxy/firewall.

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