I have implemented the phone call conversion tracking code for my real estate website, as follows.

As instructed in Google ads guidelines, I have added the below code in <head></head> tags (Replaced AW-CONVERSION_ID/CONVERSION_LABEL with my conversion label):

function gtag_report_conversion(url) {
  var callback = function () {
    if (typeof(url) != 'undefined') {
      window.location = url;
  gtag('event', 'conversion', {
      'event_callback': callback
  return false;

And added the below tags in text link, (Replaced phone number with my business number)

<a onclick="return gtag_report_conversion('tel:800-123-4567');" href="tel:800-123-4567">

I have implemented this two days before; But still, it's showing unverified status in conversion actions.

How do I resolve this issue?



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