My client formerly changed the SSL of his website (around 3 years ago). But since then he hasn't implemented the changes in GA account and the URL shown in the account is still HTTP version.

If I update it, would I lose the previous data?

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The Default URL in Google Analytics doesn't affect data collection in any way, so you can change it without any problem.

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Google Analytics, by default, does not collect the host and only uses the internal path. For example, your home instead of being recorded in Analytics as https://example.com would be just / and https://example.com/landing would be /landing.

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When you launch some reports that need to load the full URL, that's when Analytics uses the Default URL value to get to them. So, even if you put a wrong domain in there, data would be collected without problem. Check this link.

Website's URL: The domain name of website you're tracking, e.g. www.example.com. This information is used by the Content reports, including In-Page Analytics.


No, old data will keep intact and you won't lose any old data. See the following guide on how to change from http to https in Google Analytics.


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