Your site's DNS settings are using a custom subdomain, jacksonscott.net, that's set up with an AAAA record. GitHub Pages currently does not support IPv6. For more information, see https://help.github.com/articles/setting-up-a-custom-domain-with-github-pages/.

This is my error when I try to apply my custom domain name jacksonscott.net, to my github pages repository.

Does anyone on here have experience with github pages and google domain, enough to the point where I could get some suggestions on what to do? I am new to web dev anything, however, I am a proficient computer science student in my senior year.

I have been to the github help page and I am still lost.


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You've setup AAAA record(which is used for IPV6) instead of A records, that's why github display error that we don't have IPV6 address but still you're using AAAA record.

To setup A records simply use below example for Google domains.

enter image description here

The was old IP for github pages(I am using that, but though I am not sure weather they have put any restiction to new user), but you can use their new IP address.

If you simply put above 4 IP address as A records in Google Domain DNS setting then you can access your domain without any subdomain like example.com

If you want redirection from www.example.com to example.com then put www in NAME and yourusername.github.io in DATA field, and then use example.com in your Github CNAME file (not domain CNAME, it's github CNAME file). Here you can see how github redirect automatically, when you specify domain name in github CNAME file.

  • Note: If you just let Google set up the forwarding, they do the AAAA record by default, and you need to do this instead (as of July 2019).
    – Zoot
    Commented Jul 22, 2019 at 15:36

You need to set up an A record in the portal of your DNS provider. Mapping one of these GitHub pages IPs


with an A record.

For instance: A record (your-domain.example) =

Detailed instructions from GitHub Help are available here: https://help.github.com/en/github/working-with-github-pages/managing-a-custom-domain-for-your-github-pages-site#configuring-an-apex-domain

  • That is only half the answer. If one wants absolutely IPv6 then the GitHub error forbids them. Commented Feb 6, 2020 at 18:43
  • Also, of course IP addresses can change at any time, so refer to the provider for the correct values to use at some point. Commented Feb 6, 2020 at 18:44

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