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Let's say I have previously registered a domain blab.la and have already submitted it to google search console, it is indexed and available in search results.

Now, I have purchased another domain blabla.com and would like it to appear in search results instead of blab.la while all links in blabla.com redirect to blab.la. What would be the best way to do it?

The reason why I want to do it is because I was not experienced enough when I purchased blab.la and did not know that you cannot retarget a .la website for worldwide exposure according to Google (while in other search engines you can remove targeting). I do not want to receive traffic from that specific country which already happens so I have purchased another domain in the .com zone.

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  • Transfer entire blab.la to blabla.com
  • 301 Redirect blab.la to blabla.com
  • Add both sites to Google Search Console
  • Use Change of Address option in Google Search Console of blab.la and redirect it to blabla.com

Wait for few days to get backlinks juice of blab.la redirected to blabla.com.

For more details, see official guide:


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