Whenever user comes in example.com how to redirect them to example.com/home

Note: The current routing/URL paths should work after adding this condition/rule

For example:

  • example.com/about-us -> no redirect
  • example.com/contact -> no redirect
  • example.com/admin -> no redirect
  • example.com or example.com/ -> Need to redirect to example.com/home

How can be this done with .htaccess rule?


It looks like you just need to redirect a specific URL; the document root. At the top of your .htaccess file try the following mod_rewrite directive:

RewriteRule ^$ /home [R=302,L]

I assume you are already using mod_rewrite, as otherwise you are unlikely to have URLs like /about-us and /contact, etc.

Note the above is a 302 (temporary) redirect.

example.com or example.com/ -> Need to redirect to example.com/home

These are the same URL. There is always a trailing slash after the hostname, even if you don't see it in the browser's address bar. See the following question for reference:

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