What is the correct Schema.org type for a product page that is not sold online? For example, a B2B product that requires contact with a salesperson to purchase (i.e. enterprise software/hardware).

I've seen Product but this seems to be applicable for e-commerce, i.e. something that a customer can buy on the website.

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Product is the correct type. It’s not just for e-commerce. Its description says:

Any offered product or service.

It doesn‘t matter where/how it’s offered; it doesn’t even have to be offered by you, it just needs to be "offerable" in theory.

For the actual offer, you need to use the Offer type. You can connect Product and Offer with the offers property (or itemOffered in the other direction).

In your case, you could provide an Offer without price/priceSpecification. You won’t get Google’s Product rich result, because it requires a price, so don’t wonder about errors in the SDTT related to this.

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