I have a collection of webpages, each devoted to a single Organization (e.g. a business). Each page lists entities which own that Organization (usually shareholders).

How can I annotate the page with Schema.org markup to indicate that?

My research:

I see that Organization has owns property. What I'd ideally want is the reverse: something like ownedBy. I wonder if I can achieve that with some other property.

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If a property is only defined in one direction, it can still be used in the other direction.

But the owns property is only for owning products, not other organizations, so it’s not suitable for your case.

The ownershipFundingInfo property (currently in Pending) allows to describe the "organizational ownership structure", but its value is a description/page, not a list of owning entities.

So, Schema.org doesn’t seem to have a property to convey that a Person/Organization owns another Organization.

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