I am getting 404 errors while checking caching of old websites. I have research on this issue and found that Google may be collecting data for mobile index and i have check server log as well and found Google bot is visiting every day on my site but caching is not available of websites.

There are some references which i found for this issue research: Cache bug of not caching, Ajay have shared the reference: https://searchengineland.com/google-makes-some-clarifications-related-to-mobile-first-indexing-300199 enter image description here

Tracking of Mobile First Index Activity:



I am still in the middle of this issue and it is not get resolved.

  • We're getting quite a few questions about this lately (see the second linked question above). As you noted, it's something Google needs to resolve, so you'll need to wait for that to occur. – dan Sep 13 '18 at 4:42
  • Thanks Dan, I also got this issue before it get resolved and i was not able to research enough but this time i have seen multiple website are showing 404 so i do research on this topic and got lots of solutions now waiting for positive Google result. – Prince Namdev Sep 13 '18 at 9:05

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