I have a website made with wordpress that I approved that to google search console with www version and without www version and without www is my preferred version.

My website language is Persian.

When I submit a URL like this:


google say that this URL is redirected to a URL just like the first one:

first step issue

Click on the URL in the list will show up:

second step

This is what google shows me when I click on the redirected word to see what is happening, and if I click on the follow button, google will fill ASCII code of my URL words instead of original words. It seems this page is redirected to itself!

enter image description here

This is my httpd.conf lines to handle my website:

server configuration

And finally my page does not apear to google after two months!

Do you know what's the problem here and How Can I fix the problem?

Thanks in Advance

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    I checked your URL here in an HTTP viewer and it seems to return a 200 (without a redirect). There are some reported issues with Fetch as Google not handling Persian URLs properly. Try encoding your URL using an online site like this one, make sue the encoded URL is reachable in a browser, and then try submitting that instead. If your URL contains special characters, you may need to research how to encode those specifically if online services are not able to. – dan Sep 9 '18 at 0:14
  • @dan thanks for your comment. I figured it that the problem exists even if I use english characters, for example I did change my URL to mysote.ir/moble but again search console return redirected! What do you think about this situation? – Kiyarash Sep 10 '18 at 1:56

If my eyesight is good, the destination url ends in a slash (/) while the original one does not.

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