Plz guide me. Why? my website is not showing "cache option" in search result. when I check Ex- (Cache: http://example.com ) then it shows - "404. That’s an error." URLs are indexed & no any issues in search console. We dropped my ranking due to it. so plz

  • We've been getting several questions about this lately, so it seems you're not the only one. Please see the linked questions and answer below. – dan Aug 23 '18 at 8:12

Google does not have a cached copy of the url (not website).

Google takes a snapshot of the url as of when Google last crawled it (source).

Not having one means either:

  1. there is no cached version of the url; or
  2. there is only one cached version (the current one) so a drop down is redundant.

Keep in mind that while you may have made various changes to the url, that does not mean that Google has cached all the changes - typical with 'younger' sites.

Hope that helps.

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