I have inherited a site that has both GTM tags (one Google Ads Remarketing that fires on every page with a Conversion ID but no label, and the Conversion Linker), and the standard conversion script as below.

<script type="text/javascript">
    var google_conversion_id = 12345;
    var google_custom_params = window.google_tag_params;
    var google_remarketing_only = true;
<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.googleadservices.com/pagead/conversion.js"></script>

Do I need to keep the latter? How do I make sure I don't disrupt the stats if making changes?

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You can remove the standard conversion script and Google conversion tracking from GTM itself. Keeps it clean.

Note - Google Conversion tracking is different from Google Remarketing tracking

Steps to setup Google Conversion on Google Tag Manager (Copied from the guideline to avoid link click)- Link to Google tag manager conversion tracking guide

  1. In Tag Manager, start a new Google Ads tag. From the home screen select New Tag and then Tag Configuration and then Google Ads Conversion Tracking.
  2. Inside Google Ads (New) In your Google Ads account, click the Tools, Billing, and Settings menu. Select Measurement: Conversions, which opens to the Conversion Actions table. Select the name of the conversion that you want to use from the Name column. Expand the tab for Tag setup to view the tag details. Select Use Google Tag Manager card. Copy the Conversion ID and Conversion Label.
  3. In Tag Manager, add the required Conversion ID and Conversion Label values obtained from step 2 to their respective fields. You may optionally add a Conversion Value, Order ID*, and Currency Code. Be sure to use Tag Manager variables for these field values whenever applicable. (For example, most cases will use a variable for Order ID.)
  4. Choose one or more triggers in the Triggering section to specify when the tag should fire.
  5. Click Save to complete your tag setup.
  6. Important: To ensure proper tracking in all browsers, ensure that a Conversion Linker is enabled.
  7. Preview your changes, and publish when ready.
  • Thanks, I will let you know how I go. Can't implement yet; live site.
    – Walf
    Aug 22, 2018 at 4:22
  • You can check ot first. Link to official tracking check support.google.com/google-ads/answer/…
    – AnkDasCo
    Aug 22, 2018 at 15:37
  • Thanks, I will, but can't remove the older script inclusion yet.
    – Walf
    Aug 22, 2018 at 23:55

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